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“Subjects are written for the needs of the students foremost”

Session 1

Graduates entering the DPP program receive credit for Session 1 and commence full-time studies in Session 2. They are also awarded a $4000 scholarship. Students are required to complete an additional subject –
JST135 Introduction to Policing B. During Session 2, they will be eligible to apply for police employment.

Session 2

Session 2 of the course will be conducted at the NSW Police College, Goulburn.

The following subjects will be studied:

  • JST137 Operational Safety & Tactics
  • JST130 Society, Law & Practice
  • JST136 Policing Road Safety
  • JST132 Communication in Policing 2
  • JST140 Assessment Centre
  • JST135 Intro to Policing B (Graduates only)



  • Graduate students must be able to demonstrate, upon commencement of Session 2, a fitness level that is approximately 80% of that required for the final fitness assessment – a fitness test will occur during their orientation weekend approximately four weeks prior to the commencement of its session.

Information on the Physical Fitness Requirements for the Diploma of Policing Practice and operational Police Duties is available in the CSU Application and Information packs, or from the NSW Police Recruitment Branch (02) 9639 7977. Applicants who do not meet the required fitness level will NOT be permitted to commence the course and admission will be deferred until a following intake.

  • An 80-hour police placement is completed prior to the commencement of Session 2.
  • Graduate-entry eligibility also includes persons with previous/present operational policing experience, including interstate and overseas.

Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS): AMOUNT PAYABLE

All students enrolled in the Diploma of Policing Practice must pay Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) fees: you pay part of the cost of your higher education and the Government pays the rest.

HECS is calculated on the number of subjects enrolled in per session: for 2002, the upfront rate of HECS is $337.60 per subject; the deferred rate of HECS is $449.76 per subject.

The amount of HECS Graduate students will pay each session (2002 rates):

Session 2 Six $2698.56 $2025.60
Session 3 Two $899.52 $675.20
Session 4 Two $899.52 $675.20
Session 5 Two $899.52 $675.20
Total $5397.12 $4051.20

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