Adam Boland SCHELL


Sergeant 2nd Class Adam Boland SCHELL

Father to John SCHELL & Roy SHELL – NSWPF members

Regd. # 4367

Aged:  52


Bobbin Head

8 October, 1968

Sergeant Adam Schell ( 1968 )
Sergeant Adam Schell ( 1968 )


In the early hours of 8 October, 1968 Sergeant Schell and Probationary Constable Dick Letchford attended Halvorsens Boats, Bobbin Head following a report of a break and enter in progress. On their arrival the police were met by the caretaker Mr Frederick Marshall and the sergeant accompanied him to check inside the premises, leaving the probationer outside. A short time later Constable Letchford apprehended two offenders whom he had seen running from the direction Sergeant Schell and Mr Marshall had taken. When police reinforcements arrived a few minutes later they were informed that Sergeant Schell and Mr Marshall had been found critically wounded in a storeroom. Mr Marshall had been shot in the head and Sergeant Schell had been shot five times in the head and body. Despite being rushed to Hornsby Hospital Sergeant Schell died a short time later. The offenders were later sentenced to life imprisonment.


Sergeant Schell was born in 1916 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 3 July, 1939.

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I had the pleasure of working with both John Schell and Roy Schell, son’s of Sgt Adam Schell and both serving police officers. They never talked much about their father’s murder but suffice to say they were both very proud of their dad. Both men were terrific police with John assisting me out of a sticky situation one evening. Also had the pleasure of knowing Dick Letchford who was likewise a lovely bloke and excellent detective. Last I heard Dick was working with the UN on war crimes.

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