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Alfred George GREGORY


Alfred George GREGORY

aka  Alf
Late of  ?

New South Wales Police Force

‘possibly’ from Academy Class 94A

Regd. #  10566

Rank: Trainee

Probationary Constable – appointed 25 February 1963

He was deemed ‘Competent’ to drive departmental vehicles on 14 May 1963

Completed three day course in Civil Defence 24 – 26 February 1964

He was deemed ‘Competent’ to be a Solo Cyclist on 18 March 1964

Was typing 28 word per minute on 16 August 1963

Constable – appointed 25 April 1964

He was deemed ‘Competent’ to ride High Powered Solo Cyclist on 1 July 1964

Passed his Cst 1/c examination on 2 September 1965

Constable 1st Class – appointed 25 April 1968

He was deemed ‘Competent’ to drive Ute’s & light trucks on 10 May 1968

He was deemed ‘Competent’ to drive Buses on 6 November 1973

Passed his Sgt 3/c examination on 16 May 1974

Senior Constable – appointed 24 August 1974 ( loss of 4 months Seniority)

Completed Sergeants’ Course # 65 conducted from 31 August to 16 October 1981

Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed 18 October 1981

Stations: 13 Division – GD’s ( from 1 April 1963 ),

Canterbury – GD’s – 13 Division ( from 11 November 1963 ),

Canterbury Traffic Branch – STP ( Probation from 18 May 1964 ),

Canterbury Traffic Branch – STP ( Permanent from 22 June 1964 ),

Liverpool STP ( Special Traffic Patrol – 22 Division from 5 January 1965 – 8 June 1966 ),

1966 Branch Secretary of NSW Police Association representing 22 Division,

21 Division ( from 9 June 1966 – 3 July 1966 ),

Liverpool GD’s ( from 4 July 1966 – 24 April 1967 ),

Tingah GD’s ( One Manner  from 25 April 1967 – 9 September 1969 ),

Cabramatta GD’s ( *26 Division from 10 September 1969 – February 1974 ) * Cabramatta / Fairfield was originally under Merrylands – H District.  Later came under Liverpool – I District

Cabramatta GD’s – 34 Division ( from 1 March 1974 – 30 April 1974 ),

34 Division – Assist to Traffic Sgt ( from 1 May 1974 – 10 August 1974 ),

Cabramatta GD’s – 34 Division ( from 11 August 1974 – 6 September 1975 ),

Fairfield GD’s & Information Officer – 34 Division ( from 7 September 1975 – 1 October 1977 ),

Liverpool – 22 Division – Sgt 3/c  ( from 2 October 1977 – 27 February 1982 ),

Green Valley – 22 Division ( from 28 February 1982 – 22 May 1993 )

Macquarie Fields – 35 Division – Shift Supervisor ( from 23 May 1993 – ? )

ServiceFrom  ? ? pre Feb 1963?  to  ? ? ? = ? years Service

Awards: Commended for part played in the search for Monica Schofield, missing from Heathcote Hostel from 17th June, 1963, and whose body was subsequently found buried in the bush on the 25th June, 1963.   N. T. W. ALLAN, Commissioner of Police – 9 April 1964

Commended for part played in fighting the disastrous bush fires which occurred in the County of Cumberland during March, 1965.   N. T. W. ALLAN, Commissioner of Police – 19 August 1965

National Medal – granted 23 October 1981

1st Clasp to National Medal – granted 28 May 1992

23 March 1972 – “Highly commended for his outstanding courage and devotion to duty on the 30th September 1971, at Lurnea in confronting an armed man who had earlier murdered two members ( RILEY & McDIARMID ) of the Force.  On the offender raising a pistol the Constable shot and killed him.

 Alf was Awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation & was recommended for Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct

Awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct on 28 August 1972

Born:  28 July 1941 – Narrabri, NSW

Died on:  6 October 1997

Age:  56


Event location:   ?

Event date:   ?

Funeral date? October 1997

Funeral location:  Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Buried atCremated.  Ashes Collected

 Memorial located at?

Bill ESPIE with Alf GREGORY at Bill's place - 1981

Bill ESPIE with Alf GREGORY at Bill’s place – 1981


ALF is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO


 Funeral location TBA





May they forever Rest In Peace


 September 1971: Fatal Shooting 22 Division.
Mid-morning of 30th September 1971, a female walked into Blacktown Police Station to report a murder /rape earlier that day at Toongabbie. Sgt 1/c. William. W. Riley and Sgt 3/c. Maurice. R. McDiarmid attended the scene. Soon after both Officers were shot dead by the suspect Ronald Clark, using a .22 calibre repeating rifle. He then stole both Officers .38 Smith and Wesson revolvers.
Clark escaped in a vehicle. That afternoon the car and armed suspect were seen travelling in Hoxton Park Rd, Green Valley, in the Liverpool Patrol, by Constable Alfred Gregory and Constable L. A. Crawford of Cabramatta. The suspect was pursued, refusing to stop. On making a right turn into Hill Road, Constable Crawford, heroically rammed the suspect’s car, causing it to crash into petrol pumps at a service stationed at that intersection. Constable 1/c. Gregory immediately alighted from the Police vehicle and confronted Clark who aimed a firearm at Constable Gregory. During this confrontation Clark was fatally wounded by Constable 1/c Gregory. Later in his service Sgt Alfred Gregory was station at Liverpool on General Duties.
Annual Report of the Police Department of New South Wales for 1971. 
Courtesy of Liverpool ( NSW ) Police Time Line ( 1788 – 2016 )

Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 – 1995), Saturday 1 July 1972, page 3

Bravery awards to policemen

SYDNEY, Friday. — One city and five country policemen had been awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery, the Governor of NSW, Sir Roden Cutler, announced today.

They are Constable Ernest Max MacLeod Chapman, of Nowra, Sergeant Third Class Keith William Krause and Senior Constable John William Hayes, of Orange, Senior Constable Georgi Vsevolodovich Radzievic, of Mudgee, and Senior Constable First Class Alfred George Gregory, of Cabramatta.

The citation for Constable Chapman says that in Lord Street, Kempsey, on October 13, 1970, he saw a car being driven at high speed and in a dangerous manner.

He stopped the driver who pointed a sawn-off .22 calibre rifle at the constable and shouted abuse at him.

The driver disarmed Constable Chapman and forced him at gunpoint to enter the car.

During the journey south along the Pacific Highway, “he held the police revolver at the back of the constable’s head, continued to abuse him, threatened to kill him and fired two shots, apparently out of the car window, as a warning to the constable“.

At Kew Constable Chapman managed to alert the proprietor of a service station.

Sergeant Third Class P. N. Long, of Kew police, arrived but was disarmed, and forced to enter the car.

Constable Chapman purposely dropped the car keys and managed to grasp the revolver, which fired, narrowly missing Sergeant Long.

The man was subdued, later charged with various offences and sentenced to 14 years’ hard labour.

Upon joining NSWPF – Alf was described as:
5′ 11″ tall, 12 stone 9 lb, hazel eyes, brown hair, medium complexion.
He was previously employed as “Call Boy”, Cleaner and fireman for 6 years with the Dept. Railways.
Alf was a train driver prior to joining the Police Force, he loved his beloved trains, he used to talk about the old steamer he shovelled coal on and the runs he made with the railway. A couple of things about Alf, he was very musically talented, he could play any keyboard instrument by ear, no music, he’d just sit down and play. He had his own Organ at his house and he loved it. Another thing that was outstanding with him was his handwriting. He had a beautiful handwriting style. The charge books he wrote in were copperplate, and a short while ago I went to Tingha just to see where he’d worked. I managed to get into the Police Station there and rummaged through some of their old records, sadly a lot of them had been destroyed but I managed to find a sample of this handwriting dating back to the mid to late 1960’s in an old index book. I showed it to the Senior Constable on duty there and he agreed about Alfs style.
Peter Croucher – 2017

3 thoughts on “Alfred George GREGORY

  • Merlene Birch

    I worked with Alf when I was stationed at Fairfield and had to go to Cabramatta Police Station it was only a garage off the house and Sergeant Titley was the O.I.C of Cabramatta many fond memories Merlene Birch but in those days I was Merlene Jennette Sherwood one of the 200 typists employed by the Police Service

  • Dee Shepley-Thompson (Deidre Thompson)

    I was the fourth of his 5 children , the eldest of the twins. Dad named me Deidre. To me he was a man that loved to play war songs on the organ and I would sing and turn the pages for him. He drove the bus of boys that had been in trouble with the law up to camp McKay numerous times and I remember staying in the house there on the farm. The camp had dorm rooms and full commercial kitchen, tennis courts and swimming pools. That along with farm animals to me it was a great holiday My father would put on Tom and jerry cartoon in the cinema for us to watch. I remember him putting me up on his shoulders, playing the piano accordion and harmonica. He was a hard man no doubt but he worked very hard as a full time police officer and in his holidays he drove trucks to put food on the table. He was a country boy from Narrabri and an only child to George and Janet (Jenny) Gregory. He was married to my mother for 18 years and the 5 children they had together spanned just 7 years apart.
    I was told He died at the age of 52 in Liverpool hospital . RIP DAD! ????

  • George Dworcowyi. Reg Noo. 15077.

    RIP, I met Alfred, when transferred from North sydney HWP to liverpool. I knew that he was the one that took out clarke after the Blacktown Police murders. He never talked about it. I found him to be a very nice man. There was always a bit of shit going on between general duties and hwp, but I never heard him say a bad word about us. I didnt even know that he died untill just now. so sad.


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