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The Thin Blue Line would like to thank Jim Bartok for the use of some of his photo’s on this site. Jim has photo’s of police vehicles from every Australian State. There are photo’s of early motor cycles to the latest units used by law enforcement agencies in Australia today.
Listed is every State, and within that state, the cars, trucks, cycles boats, aircraft and special vehicles that are used on a day to day basis are there for you to look at and enjoy.
If that is not enough to please your appetite, then maybe you might like to look at some of the ‘bumps’ and ‘bangs’ that have happened over the past years…………it just goes to show that ‘they are human too’ !!
Do yourself a favour and visit Jim’s site, I guarantee you will not regret the experience, click on the Australian Police Vehicles Website logo below and feast your eyes on Australia’s police vehicles.



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