Elizabeth FAHEY


 Elizabeth FAHEY

aka  Liz

New South Wales Police Force – Widow

the wife of the Late Sergeant Bill Fahey ( NSW Police Rescue Squad )

Awards:  No find on It’s An Honour


Died on:  Sunday  25 December 2016

Place of death

Cause:  Brain tumour


Funeral dateTBA

Funeral locationTBA

Buried at

Memorial at:



May you forever Rest In Peace


As of Monday 14 September 2015,  Elizabeth Fahey – the wife of deceased Sergeant Bill Fahey, is currently in hospital with a brain tumour and having scans to determine the extend of the tumour.

We wish Elizabeth all the very best for a full and speedy recovery.


As of Wednesday 29 September 2015, Liz’s brain tumour pathology is back and it was found to be malignant.  Doctors are going to do chemotherapy & radiotherapy.


Dear family and friends.

Maybe the majority of you will not know the name nor my relationship with this lovely Lady. Yesterday on 25/12/2016, Elizabeth (Liz) Fahey lost her battle with a brain tumour. She was the wife of a ‘giant’ in the New South Wales Police Rescue Squad, Sergeant William (Bill, Uncle Bill) Fahey. Liz and Bill were living in Queensland when Bill died some years back. Liz moved back to NSW but not much is known of her life back here (to my shame) until recently when she became ill.

I joined the NSW Police Force in 1974 and till 1978 I was stationed at Annandale. In 1978 I completed a Rescue course and was transferred to the Police Rescue Squad. One of the first senior members of the Squad I was introduced to was Bill. He was a big man but not tall. Think of the size of an 18 gallon beer keg and apply that to his upper body.

Think this. When wearing his white overalls, he could roll up his sleeves, put the pointy end of a full size anvil in the sleeve and pick up the blunt end of the anvil and lift vertically. A powerful man with the heart of gold. Wasn’t long before I met his beautiful partner Liz. She was a tiny thing, 5 foot nothing. But, when she came around for a visit, or a function at the PRS, she lit up the room. What a gentle soul she was. She would sit with anyone, everyone for a chat. She was a ‘mum’ to us all.

The last time I saw and spoke to Liz and Bill together was in 1985 at my wedding, and have a couple of photos. I shall treasure those photos. God bless Liz, you put up the good fight. You had so many people praying/thinking of you over these past months. The New South Wales Police Rescue Squad, The New South Wales VRA, any Rescue organisation that knew Liz will be thinking of her.

God Bless dear Lady.

Article by Kevin Banister,  NSW Fallen Police FB Group



Kel Stewart I remember being the barmaid at the Cleveland Inn Surry Hills in those years and serving Liz and Bill Fahey beer whilst they were enjoying a smoke surrounded by Police rescue personel. Liz was a gentle soul Kevin and when I think of her….I smile. Liz is now back with Bill probably enjoying a beer & smoke. RIP Liz. Kel
Kevin Banister
Kevin Banister  The old Clevo. Many a de-brief at that pub especially on pay day


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