Frederick MEREDITH


Frederick MEREDITH

 late of Liverpool, NSW

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. # ?

RankChief Constable

Stations:  Sydney area (see below) and Liverpool

Service:  1800 – 1811.

Was 1 of 50 ‘free men’ who volunteered and were accepted to join the Loyal Sydney Association set up by Governor Hunter to quell a possible uprising by ‘the Irish’. They were under the control of a civilian by the name of William Balmain. Frederick was involved in the Battle of Vinegar Hill in 1804. The 50 were known as armed volunteer Police (Militia)

1811 – 1828.

Sworn in 1811 as Constable under the newly formed NSW Police set up by Governor Macquarie.

Served at Liverpool 1822-1828 becoming Chief Constable in 1826.

Believed to have resigned in 1828 to become the first Post Master at Liverpool Post Office.



Born? ? 1765 in Durham, England

Died on:  Thursday  23/06/1836


Age:  73

Funeral date?

Funeral location?

Buried at:  Pioneer Memorial Park, Liverpool

Frederick MEREDITH - Headstone in Liverpool Pioneer Park
Frederick MEREDITH – Headstone in Liverpool Pioneer Park


FREDERICK is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO



 Funeral location:


Frederick is believed to be the “third” Chief Constable of Liverpool until 1833.  He arrived on the First Fleet on the Scarborough.  His grave is at Liverpool Cemetery.  In 1811 Frederick joined Governor Macquarie’s police force.  He was later appointed the first constable, then the “third” chief constable of Liverpool.  He remained in the police until 1833, holding positions of Constable, Chief Constable & District Constable.

Info via Jay Chappo – Beyond Courage FB page – 20 August 2015



They Sydney Gazette & New South Wales Advertiser     Saturday  7 February 1835   page 2 of 4



(Before Mr. Justice Dowling and a Civil Jur..)

In a murder trial in the Supreme Court on Friday 6 February 1835, Frederick MEREDITH describes himself to the Court as “Chief Constable at Liverpool”



They Sydney Gazette & New South Wales Advertiser     Thursday  7 July 1836   page 3 of 4


On Thursday, June 23, at his farm Banks Town, Mr. Fredrick Meredith, aged 72 years, greatly respected.  Mr. Meredith arrived here as a sailor, in the first fleet, and had long been a resident on the Liverpool Road.


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