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Master Licence


Any business that engages in security activities must hold a Master Licence.

  • Master Licences cannot be transferred.

To qualify for a Master Licence you must:

  • Hold membership of an approved Industry Organization. The Security Industry Registry maintains a current list of all approved Organizations. (See ‘Frequently Asked Questions’).
  • Satisfy stringent integrity requirements in relation to the nominated licence holder and close associates of the business. (See: ‘Refusal and Revocation of Licences’).
  • Declare details of close associates who have a financial or other interest in your business.

Close Associates:

A Close Associate is a person who:

  • Holds or will hold any relevant financial interest in the business (ie. any share in the capital or any entitlement to receive income from the business).
  • Currently is, or will be entitled to exercise any relevant power in the business (ie. exercising any managerial influence in the running of the business).
    *Advice in relation to the scope of this requirement may be obtained by contacting the Security Industry Registry.

To apply for a Master Licence you must:

  • Obtain and complete an ‘Application for a Master Licence’ (P602 form). Applications are available from the Security Industry Registry or the Police Force web site.
  • Provide a copy of the Certificate of Registration of a Business (unless you are a Sole Trader and do not trade under a business name).
  • Provide proof of current membership of an approved Industry Organization.
  • Provide particulars of close associates.
  • Include payment of the full licence fee either by cheque, money order or credit card (Bankcard, Visa or MasterCard).
  • Post the application to the Security Industry Registry. (NB. The Registry does not have counter facilities. All applications must be sent by mail. Faxed or e-mail applications will not be accepted).

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