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Murray John GARDEN


Murray John GARDEN

aka   Joe

Joined NSW Police Force via NSW Police Cadet system on Monday 2 February 1976

Cadet #  3221

Redfern Police Academy Class  157

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. #  17762

Rank: NSW Police Cadet – commence 2 February 1976 ( aged 17 years, 2 months, 9 days )

Probationary Constable – appointed 24 November 1977 ( aged 19 years, 0 months, 0 days  )

Constable – appointed ? ? ?

Detective – appointed ? ? ? ( YES )

Detective Constable 1st Class – appointed 24 November 1982

Senior Constable – appointed 24 November 1986


Final Rank?


Stations?, Mossman, Mudgee ( G.D’s then ‘ A ‘ List Detectives), Dubbo – death


ServiceFrom  2 February 1976  to  ? ? ( 1990’s )


Awards? National Medal – granted 15 January 1996 ( can’t verify this is the same person )


Born:  Monday  24 November 1958

Died on:  Saturday 24 May 1997

Cause:  Suicide – (1) Attempted – unsuccessful Drug over dose  ( 2 ) Committed – Police revolver

Age:  38 years, 6 months, 0 days

Event location:  Dubbo – at home

Funeral date?

Funeral location?


Buried at:  plaque in a rose garden at Western Districts Memorial Park, Boothenba Rd, Dubbo, NSW

 Memorial at?


JOE is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance, nor the Remembrance Wall, Sydney Police Centre, Surry Hills ( last checked Oct 2022 )  * BUT SHOULD BE


 Funeral location ?



Joe GARDEN was at Mudgee Police Station around 1987-88 in uniform. Not sure where he was prior to that.
Joe started in the Detectives office as an ‘A’ lister around that time. He was left high and dry after the designated detectives moved on and he was forced to run the detectives office ‘one out’.
Apparently Joe hit the bottle quite badly and finished up banging up a police vehicle ‘on duty’ whilst intoxicated.
Had some major fights with ‘senior officers’ and was forced onto sick leave.
Joe was ‘Force transferred’ to Dubbo Intelligence Office and worked there for a year or two before he drew his service revolver, went home and shot himself.
It is believed that Joe was aged in his late 20’s or early 30’s, married with young kids at the time.
( 2019 ) Information is that Joe had attempted a drug over dose and had been admitted to Dubbo Base Hospital where, apart from other methods, he was orally administered ‘charcoal’ to absorb the poison.
He was seen, in Hospital, by a Mental Health worker who asked how he was.  Joe’s forceful reply was ” I’m FINE !! ” and Joe repeated that statement.
Later, that morning, Joe was discharged home.
Joe attended Dubbo Police Station where he picked up his Police issued revolver and went home where he placed a pillow slip over his head before fatally shooting himself, in the head, whilst on the lawn.
May you forever be at Peace Joe.
Further information is sought about this man, his life and his death.

Internet searches have failed to find anything further as of this date – 1 June 2016 or 5 June 2019 – on this man.
Further information is sought.

31 October 2022 

From K.O. Medway

Greg Callander, Murray John GARDEN died on 24 May 1997 (aged 38). He was survived by his wife Debra and children Matthew, Grace and Alexander.
There is a plaque in a rose garden at Western Districts Memorial Park, Dubbo, NSW.

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