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Cecil Roy ABBOTT


LAW and ORDER in the Pioneering Days of NSW.

Cecil Roy ABBOTT, Q.P.M. Commissioner of Police
10th October, 1981 – 28th February, 1984

Cecil Roy Abbott, Q.P.M.

Cecil Roy Abbott, Q.P.M. was the Assistant Commissioner (Crime) from 14 November, 1979 can justifiably reflect back on a fruitful period of service spanning 38 years. He was a native of Hurstville, and resided there with his wife Edna and son Paul. Mr Abbott was educated at Sydney Technical High School, joined the New South Wales Police Cadet Corps in 1941 and graduated to the Police Force on 7th February, 1945.
Mr Abbott, arising from his vast experience and dedication as a Detective in the investigation and study of drug related crime, was recognised as a leading authority on an International level, by Drug Law Enforcement Bodies throughout the World.
The Commissioner was a dedicated Police Officer, who believed team-work was the essence of efficiency. His message to Police was to believe in their ability to maintain law and order in a trendy society; provide the service to Government and to the community for which we are obligated and above all, apply wisdom, understanding and common sense in the performance of same. Discretion and tact are the essential requirements if public support is to be obtained.

Cecil Roy ABBOTT, Regd. # 4668, died at the age of 89 on the 12 March 2014 and his funeral was held on the 19 March 2014 at St Declan’s Catholic Church, Penshurst, NSW.


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