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James Travers LEES


Commissioner of Police James Travers Lees
1979 to 1981

James Travers LEES - NSWPF - Commissioner 1979 - 1981James Travers Lees joined NSW Police, via NSW Police Cadet system on the 15 December 1936 as a police cadet – Cadet # 126..

He was Sworn in as a Probationary Constable on the 2 June 1940.  NSWPF Registered # 4529

He was appointed Deputy Commissioner on 1 January 1977 and Assistant Commissioner in June 1979, following the retirement of Commissioner Wood.

James Travers Lees was appointed Commissioner of Police on 17 October 1979.  During that time he saw the formation of the Dog Squad and acquisition of two police helicopters.  Lees retired from office on 29 December 1981.