Norman Thomas William Allan


LAW and ORDER in the Pioneering Days of NSW.

Norman Thomas William ALLAN Commissioner of Police
28th February, 1962 – , 1972

Norman Thomas William Allan

Norman Thomas William Allan was born at Lithgow, in 1909, and joined the New South Wales Police Force on the 18th September, 1929. After initial training at the Police Depot, later called the Police Training Centre, he was attached to No.7 Division, Redfern, where he carried out general Police duties. In 1933 he was selected for training as a Police Prosecutor and appointed to the Central Court Staff, where he performed Police prosecuting duties throughout the metropolitan area until 1940. In that year he was appointed Chief Examination Officer by the Commissioner of Police, Mr. W.J. Mackay, with offices located at Police Headquarters. Later, he was appointed to the Criminal Correspondence Branch, a section concerned with correspondence relating to all types of criminal offences, State-wide, interstate, and overseas.
Mr. Allan remained at this branch until 1944, when he was appointed personal assistant to Mr. J. Mackay, the Police Commissioner. He then held the rank of Sergeant 2nd Class. In this capacity he was required to carry out all phases of administrative duties at the Commissioner’s level. He was also appointed Departmental representative before the Crown Employee’s Appeal Board, a position he occupied until 1957, during which time many vital decisions were determined which later were to prove of inestimable value in certain aspects of Police administration and policy.
In 1948 Mr. Allan was promoted to the rank of Inspector, and appointed Officer-in-Charge of Police Headquarters, a responsibility involving staff supervision and the control of a number of branches and sections at that centre. He was also appointed chief Disciplinary Officer. Upon promotion to the rank of Superintendent in 1956, Mr. Allan remained at Police Headquarters as first senior administrative officer and personal assistant to the Commissioner of Police, Mr C. J. Delaney. He was appointed Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police on the 29th July, 1959, and Deputy Commissioner on the 1st August, 1960.
Mr. Allan was awarded the Coronation Medal in 1953, also the Queen’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service and the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in 1957. He was commended for loyalty, devotion to duty, and marked efficiency during his tenure of office as personal assistant to two former Police Commissioners and as Departmental representative before the Crown Employee’s Appeal Board. He was also specially commended by the State Premier for devotion to duty and exceptional skill and ability in connection with the conviction of Stephen Leslie Bradley for the murder of Graeme Frederick Thorn, with particular reference to outstanding efforts in the extradition proceedings.

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Obvious error in third sentence: presumably Allen began training as a Police Prosecutor in 1933, not 1923 as stated.

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