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The NSW Police Dog Squad is a specialist State-wide resource whose primary role is to provide support to police in a wide variety of operations, from all types of searches to foot patrols, pursuits and rescues.

The Dog Squad is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The squad operates across the State and is divided into four police regions.

Only a small number of German Shepherds, a breed with intelligence and strength, are selected each year to train as police dogs. Each dog undergoes extensive training with its police handler. A strong bond is developed between the handler and dog. The training is at the Police Dog Training Centre in Goulburn.

Established in 1932, the Police Dog Squad’s role was originally very similar to it’s role today. The dogs were used for searches, rescues and apprehending offenders.

From 1954 to 1979, the Squad was disbanded but with a renewed police need for Dog Squad support, two dogs teams were trained and qualified at the Victorian Police Dog Training Centre in 1979. These teams started working once again in New South Wales.

Each dog is carefully the evaluated to see if it has the necessary intelligence and temperament to become a police dog. It then undergoes and intensive training program with its handler, teaching the dog obedience, protection of its master and there police dog duties.

After training, all police dog teams are able to:

track and find wanted offenders or missing persons in urban, rural or rugged bush land search all types of buildings for wanted offenders in hiding or property connected with crime search for illegal drugs that may have been hidden or buried chase and apprehend offenders who may be escaping arrest and may be armed and dangerous Act as a deterrent and back up in dangerous situations such as brawls, sieges and domestics provide high profile foot patrols of places such as schools, industrial areas, shopping complexes

There are 14 police dogs and handlers operating in each Region and 3 located and Police Dog Training Centre, a total of 59 teams.

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  • I’m in yr 11 and I wont to become part of the Dog Squad when I graduate do you have any advice for me to get there.

  • My daughter is very keen to become a dog handler in the police force. She is currently in Yr 9. Any advice??

  • I was one of the Victorian police officers that went on patrol with one of the first dogs trained by the Victorians in 1979


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