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The Why, What and Where of Neighbourhood Watch


Table of Contents

  1. What is Neighbourhood Watch?
  2. Why Should I Get Involved?
  3. How do I Get Involved In Neighbourhood Watch?
  4. Helpful Hints?

What is Neighbourhood Watch?


Neighbourhood Watch is the local community and police working together to:

  • establish a safer environment by reducing violence, crime and fear.
  • build a safer community, whether it is rural area, city neighbourhood or marine location.
  • prevent crime that affects you.
  • enhance effective communication.
  • develop community spirit.

Why Should I Get Involved?


By developing a ‘community caring’ attitude within your area you can help:

  • reduce crime in your local area.
  • improve communication between yourself and your community.
  • deter criminal activity by increasing the probability of apprehension.
  • encourage the reporting of crime and suspicious activity to police.
  • improve the quality of information provided to police.
  • assist police to improve and maintain the level of personal safety and household security within your local area.

How Do I Get Involved With Neighbourhood Watch?


To become an active member of Neighbourhood Watch, ask at your local police station. They will happily provide you with all the information you need to become involved in crime prevention in your community.


Helpful Hints?


  • encouraging people to etch or engrave their driver’s licence number on all items of value.
  • keep a record of model and serial numbers of items of value.
  • keep photographic records of jewellery, paintings, etc.

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