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Protective Security Group


mmander Carolyn Smith

The Protective Security Group (PSG) provides close personal protection to VIPs, Internationally Protected Persons and other dignitaries. They also provide protective security advice and related intelligence gathering in accordance with State and Commonwealth legislation, international conventions and NSW Police policy.

In doing so, staff liaise with relevant police personnel, Commonwealth and State officials, as well as others who might be of assistance.

The PSG is responsible for NSW police liaison with the Consular Corps in Sydney.

In accordance with legislation, the PSG will not target any sensitive individual or group without the approval of the Protective Security Group Management Committee, which is chaired by the Deputy Commissioner, Operations.

The command assists and advises operational police when involved in close personal protection duties within local area commands.

The command also provides advice to operational police concerning incidents or intelligence relative to politically motivated violence, which might impact on those commands.

Protocol Unit

The Protocol Unit is responsible for the professional planning, coordination and general discipline at all ceremonial NSW Police parades and functions. The Protocol Unit reports directly to the Commander, Protective Security Group.

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