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Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Branch is staffed by experienced professionals, skilled in media management, marketing, journalism, design, photography and TV production.

It is their job to keep you informed about the role of police, crime prevention in the community and to keep the officers and other staff in the field up to date with the latest developments.

They are responsible for managing the intense media interest in the police, producing public information campaigns, providing operational support to investigations, overseeing sponsorship policy, market research and this Web Page design.

In the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympics Games the Media Unit was liaising with other State and Commonwealth agencies and had formulated an Olympic Security Media Strategy.

Police Media Unit:

It seems almost everyday the newspapers, TV and radio news are dominated by stories involving police. Much of the information which helps journalists prepare these stories is provided by the Police Media Unit.

Media Officers with a range of journalism, public relations, communications and police operational skills provide advice on media issues to everyone in the Force from Commissioner to Constable.

The daily demand for media information and interviews comes not only from the 500 media outlets in NSW but also from numerous national and international media sources.

Everyday the Police Media Unit helps keep you up to date on the facts through a series of media briefings, media releases, conferences and by answering specific media questions.

The unit is on 24 hour stand-by to attend all significant police operations and emergencies making sure the media are provided with quick and accurate information which ultimately helps inform and reassure the public in times of trouble.

Police are often asked by journalists to give interviews. The Media Unit trains senior police and executives on how to manage media interviews.

Media and Olympic Security:

More than 20,000 media personnel are expected to attend the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympics Games. Security for the athletes, officials, tourists and the community will become a major focus for the world’s media.

The NSW Police Force is responsible for the overall security at the Games and the Media Unit is preparing a coordinated communications strategy to assist the media.

Education Campaigns:

The education campaigns run by the Public Affairs Branch have two purposes – To teach you about the diverse services available from the police and to provide you with the opportunity to help police reduce crime.

Whether it be finding a missing person, catching a thief, drug dealer or paedophile or warning against dangerous driving, the campaigns are always designed to let you know how you can help or be helped.

Other campaigns target issues and events such as:


  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Sexual Assault
  • Property Theft
  • Drug and Alcohol Related Crime and Abuse
  • Young Offenders Act
  • Safety Tips for Seniors
  • Police Open Day
  • National Police Remembrance Day
  • Safety House
  • New Police Powers
  • Knife and Gun Laws

Marketing Material:

Every year, Public Affairs distributes more than one million brochures and other resources to police stations across the state targeting key issues. Most of these, including the annual report, information pamphlets and posters, are produced in house by the Public Affairs designer and photographer.


This Web Site has been designed and is being continually updated by Public Affairs. We have incorporated the latest technology into what we believe is a user friendly and informative site.

Film and Television:

The way police are portrayed in TV can have an impact on the image of the Force. NSW Police assist the producers of these and many other films and programs by providing advice about police practices and procedures.

Internal Communication:

Having more than 17,000 employees and 500 locations, the NSW Police Force is one of the largest organisations in Australia. To keep them informed a weekly publication and a private weekly internal TV program is produced by Public Affairs.

Police Force Weekly (PSW) is the official internal publication for the NSW Police Force. It contains operational news, changes to policing procedures, intelligence gathering information for investigators, educational information, details of missing people, job opportunities and general news items.

PSW was recently awarded a Golden Serif Award by the Australian Institute of Professional Communicators and the Society of Business Communicators.

Police TV was launched on a state-wide basis at the end of January, 1998. The weekly internal news program contains information on new police methods and techniques, wanted people, outstanding suspects, warnings, security and surveillance footage of offenders, new intelligence and operational safety tips. Broadcast only to police facilities across the state, Police TV has become an essential communication tool helping to solve crime.

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