Australian Police

Australian Police

The Thin Blue Line – Australian Police

Gladesville LAC


Police stations within the Gladesville Local Area Command

8 Victoria Road
Gladesville 2111
Phone: 02 9879 9699 Fax: 02 9879 9611

808-810 Victoria Road
Ryde 2112
Phone: 02 9808 7499 Fax: 02 9808 7411

One thought on “Gladesville LAC

  • Anthony Murphy

    To whom it may concern

    I have just found out about the decision to refuse stopping traffic for the epping branch of the RSL for their march. I’m completely shocked & the feedback on social media seems to indicate the same. what i’m surprised about is that there has never been any attack or threat of any kind in epping to warrant this in my view and while i understand safety concerns i feel this is an over reaction. of course i’m not the police but i’m very disappointed in this none the less.

    An explanation of why this is happening would be appreciated.


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