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Loftus Street Bemboka
NSW. 2550
Phone : 02-6493-2044
Fax : 02-6493-0249

Quiet and small dairying village lying on the edge of the mountains west of Bega.

Bemboka is a small dairying village 451 km south of Sydney via the Princes and Snowy Mountain Highways and 36 km west of Bega. The township was surveyed in 1876 and officially recognised in 1877. Originally known as Colombo it was changed to Bemboka in 1883 and a private subdivision called ‘Lyttleton’ was incorporated in 1923.

Bemboka Police Station

Bemboka was established to serve the needs of the local dairy farmers and the travellers on the Brown Mountain Route. Brown Mountain (1241 m) lies about 25 km west of Bemboka along the Snowy Mountains Highway. It was first crossed in 1816 when a bridle path was established. In 1822 a mail service from Cooma to the coast began traversing the route which became known as the ‘Postman’s Track’.

By the outset of this century Bemboka had cheese and butter factories operating, hotels and other shops. Today it is notable because it is a classic Australian timber town with nearly all the buildings being made out of timber.

View south from Bemboka’s main street

There still seems to be some misconception about contacting local police.

If there is an emergency which requires police attendance, ring 000.

If you wish to speak with local police and it is not an emergency but requires their attendance, ring the local police station. If unattended, your call will be diverted to Warilla. Inform Warilla of the situation and they will direct local police to you. If it is not an emergency and does not require police attendance, leave a message and local police will return your call.

If you attend the local police station and police are absent, then you can contact Warilla by using the door phone at the front of the station and police will be directed to you.

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