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Stephen George PASSMORE


Stephen George PASSMORE

Late of  ?

Redfern Academy Class 116

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. #  13358

Rank:  Probationary Constable – appointed 16 September 1968

Senior Constable – appointed 16 September 1977

Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed 31 March 1985

Stations: ?, Wollongong Police Scientific,

ServiceFrom  ? ? pre September 1968?  to  ? ? ? = ? years Service

Awards:  National Medal – granted 13 November 1984

1st Clasp to National Medal – granted 2 February 1995

Born:  Thursday  28 September 1944

Died on:  Wednesday  7 June 2006

Age:  61 years, 8 months, 10 days

Cause:  Heart attack – ruptured aortic aneurysm.

Event location:   ?

Event date:   Wednesday  7 June 2006

Funeral date? ? ?

Funeral location:  Hansen & Cole, Bulli

Buried at?

 Memorial located at?

Stephen George PASSMORE


STEVE is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO




May they forever Rest In Peace

Steve Passmore
28/09/44 – 07/06/07
Gates of memories will never close, how much I miss you Steve no one knows. days pass away into years, but I think about those memories with silent tears.

Love Chris, Jono, Callie, Dave, Callum, Chloe and Curtis


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Stephen Passmore 28/09/44 – 07/06/06
Steve I never go to say goodbye when angels came and took you away. I just wanted to hold your hand so tight kiss you gently and say goodnight. And then just before you had to go I would tell you how much I love you so. I don’t know how I don’t know why. Steve I never got to say goodbye.
Love Chris, Jono Callie, Dave, Callum, Chloe and Curtis

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Scientific Police – December 1979
Front Row L – R:
Det Sgt 2/c A.J. WOOD, Det Sgt 2/c E.J. KELLY, Det Insp J.E. SNOWDEN, Det Insp J.E. MERRETT ( O.I.C. ), Det Sgt 1/c R.R. BROWN, Det Sgt 3/c D.W. WARDROBE, Det Sgt 2/c B. GIBSON
2nd Row L – R:
Det Sgt 3/c L.K. CAMPBELL, P.C. Sgt 2/c J.H. SOILAND, Det SenCon J.R. HESLOP, P.C. Const S.J. HENKEL, Det SenCon D.J. HUGHES, Dets Sgt 3/c D.J. CHIVERS.
3rd Row L – R:
Det SenCon R.W. MILLINGEN, P.C. Cst P.J. MARCON, Det SenCon C.S. IRELAND, P.C. Cst G.V. HALLETT, Det Cst 1/c D.M. MARTIN, P.C. Cst R.N. ADAMS, P.C. Cst 1/c D.J. RANSOME
4th Row L – R:
P.C. Cst B.W. RITCHIE, P.C. Cst P.E. McCAMLEY, P.C. Cst S.O. HASSELL, P.C. Cst 1/c N.J. RAYMOND, P.C. Cst N.M. MYRIS, Det SenCst S.G. PASSMORE
Det Sgt 3/c N.G. EZART, Det Sgt 3/c R.W. JOHNSON, Det SenCon W.F.W. DAY, Det SenCon E.L. OOSTERHOFF, Det SenCon M.R. EDWARDS, Det SenCon R.A. NAPIER, Det SenCon R.H. MUNDAY, P.W. Det SenCon V.L. FLEMING, Det SenCst R.J.W. BARBER, P.C. SenCst D.J. TYSOE, P.C. Cst 1/c T.P. BAKER, Det Cst 1/c R.B. MUSGRAVE, P.C. Cst 1/c P.A. SANDEMAN, P.C. Cst 1/c J.A. AHERN, P.C. Cst 1/c P.J. HOLDER, P.C. Cst G.L. MURPHY, P.C. Cst G.C. RATCLIFFE, P.C. Cst G.J. CLAUSEN, P.C. Cst M. CONWAY

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