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FAQ – Demerit Points Scheme


Demerit Points Scheme

Frequently asked questions

My licence has been suspended. When can I start driving again?

If your licence is still current, you can start driving as soon as your suspension period ends. This date will be shown on your Notice of Suspension.

If your licence has expired during the suspension period, you will need to renew your licence with the RTA when your suspension period has ended. Please note that renewal notices are not sent to suspended drivers, so you will need to check that your licence is current before you start driving again.

Are all my demerit points cleared from my record when I complete a period of suspension?

Only demerit points that contributed to your suspension period will be cleared from your record. These will be the ones shown on your Notice of Suspension document issued by the RTA. If other offences are recorded after a Notice of Suspension is issued, the points for those offences will remain on your record.

What if my licence has been disqualified by a court?

If your licence is disqualified by a court, no demerit points will be cleared from your record during the period of disqualification. This means that if you reached or exceeded the number of allowable points before the disqualification, you will be required to serve an additional period of refusal at the end of the disqualification. If you have exceeded your demerit points limit, you will be advised by the Motor Registry when you apply for a licence. You will also be given a Notice of Refusal. Unrestricted licence holders may apply to serve a good behaviour period instead of the refusal.

Disqualification by a court does not replace a demerit points action against your licence. This means that if you are convicted by a court of an offence that attracts demerit points, the points will be added to your record, even if you receive a disqualification or the court dismisses the matter under Section 10(1) of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999.

What happens if I drive while my licence is suspended or refused?

Severe penalties apply for driving while your licence is suspended or refused. A court may impose a lengthy disqualification period (a minimum of 12 months), heavy fines or even a jail term.

What if I commit a demerit point offence while driving outside of NSW?

Australian States and Territories exchange traffic offence information. This means that if you hold a NSW licence and commit an offence in another State, the offence will attract demerit points in NSW.

What if I hold a licence from another State or Territory and commit a driving offence in NSW?

Details of any demerit point offences committed in NSW will be sent to your home State and included on your driving record.

If you exceed 12 or more points in a three-year period, the RTA will withdraw your right to drive in NSW.

How do I find out my demerit points balance?

You can call the RTA on 13 22 13. Alternatively, you can visit a Motor Registry and provide proof of identity to find out details of your driving record and demerit points balance. The RTA will provide you with a certified copy of your driving record for a fee.

Please note that you cannot obtain details of other people’s driving records or details from any RTA Office.

9 thoughts on “FAQ – Demerit Points Scheme

  • Hi if someone gets a speeding fine in NSW on QLD licence do we still loose demerit points or.just the fine applicable

  • I had to surrender my NSW licence to be able to buy a used car in Qld, so had to get a Qld licence. Was in Vic for a year when my Qld licence renewal was due, so got a Vic licence and surrendered my Qld licence. My question…do demerit points transfer each time, or are they cancelled with each surrender? Additionally, if I move back to NSW or Qld and get another licence, will any demerit points from that state get put back on?

  • If you get an infringement driving on a foreign licence, but then you get an Australian licence, will you immediately have demerit points on your new licence ?

  • Could you give some clarity on where an infringement has occurred, say Victoria, whilst in your home state, say NSW, is in a ‘Double Demerit’ period.
    Is it to be assumed that you will incurr double demerits even though the infringement in the state that this has occurred does not have a double demerits scheme operating?
    Cheers Rabs.

      • No problem..thank you for the reply.

  • Prathamesh Nayak

    Just a question.
    If one commits a traffic offense in QLD but has NSW license, where would the offence be booked. QLD or NSW? or in other words where would one pay the fine in the other state or the home state??

    • The Postal Address would be written on the actual ticket that you receive.
      The offence would be recorded upon your licence – no matter which State / Territory you live in – and no matter which State / Territory you committed the offence in.
      Usually there might be a website address on the ticket where it could be paid ‘ on line ‘.


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