William David HANNA


William David HANNA

AKA  Barlow 

Late of Rosebery, NSW

Uncle to NSWPF Member Neville Fletcher TAMLYN # 6225


NSW Redfern / Penrith Police Academy Class #  ? ? ?

New South Wales Police Force

Uniform # 103 & 2520

Regd. #  ‘Q’ 8363

For the purposes of this website ‘Q’ represents those Police joining between 1 March 1862 ( commencement of NSWPF ) – 23 February 1915 ( Commencement of NSWPF current numbering system )


Rank:  Commenced Training on ? ? ?

Probationary Constable- appointed 30 March 1905

Constable – appointed 1 April 1906

Constable 1st Class – appointed 13 May 1914  

Senior Constable – N/A ( No such Rank ) 

Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed 1 October 1926

Sergeant 2nd Class – appointed 12 November 1941


Final Rank =  Sergeant 2nd Class


Stations: Murwillumbah ( 28 April 1905 ), Mullumbimby, Hillston ( 1907 ),  Murray District ( 13 December 1913 ), Metropolitan District: ( 13 April 1916 ) – Redfern, Paddington, Randwick, Botany ( Crown Sgt ), Darlinghurst – Retirement

Service:  From 30 March 1905   to   10 March 1944  =  29 years Service


Awards:  Imperial Service Medal ( Imperial ) – granted 11 August 1944 ( Sgt 2/c )

Commissioners Commendation:  Awarded on 27 April 1939 for his part in the disastrous bush fires during December, 1938 and January 1939.

Appointed Justice of the Peace – 1946

Served in the Boar War – April 1902 – August 1902


Born: 10 March 1884 , Moulamein, NSW

Died on: Thursday  10 December 1953 

Age:  70 

Cause:  Carcinoma of the stomach ( Cancer )

Event location:  his residence, 71 Rosebery Ave, Rosebery, NSW

Event date: Thursday  10 December 1953 


Funeral dateFriday  11 December 1953 @ 2.45pm

Funeral location:  St Andrews Church of England, Rosebery 

Funeral Parlour: Thomas Dixon P/Ltd. Undertaker = T. Moncrief.

Buried at: Cremated – Eastern Suburbs Crematorium.

Ashes taken to Urana, NSW & buried with his wife – Jessie TAMLYN. ( DoD = 19 June 1938 )

Grave location

GPS:  -35.3110259521874    146.25799840606

Memorial / Plaque / Monument located at: ?
Dedication date of Memorial / Plaque / Monument: Nil – at this time ( August 2020 )

Retired Sgt 2/C ( NSWPF ) William David HANNA was buried with his wife, Jessie, after his death on 10 December 1953. Jessie predeceased him by 20 years. William ( also known by the nickname of 'Barlow' ) was cremated at the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney, and his ashes later buried with Jessie. May they forever Rest In Peace together.
Retired Sgt 2/C ( NSWPF ) William David HANNA was buried with his wife, Jessie, after his death on 10 December 1953. Jessie predeceased him by 20 years. William ( also known by the nickname of ‘Barlow’ ) was cremated at the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney, and his ashes later buried with Jessie. May they forever Rest In Peace together.


WILLIAM is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO





May they forever Rest In Peace





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William David HANNA was the third child born to David HANNA and Susan Anna SMITH. He was born on the 10th March 1884 at Woorooma Station, Moulamein NSW.

After his Boer War service in 1902, the next recorded record of his life was on 12 July 1903 when he reported the death of his brother, John Alfred Hanna at the Jerilderie Hotel NSW Australia.

As a returned soldier he was offered a career in the NSW Police Force, and was appointed as an Ordinary Constable on the 1 April 1906, (information obtained from the NSW Police Gazette dated 11 July 1906).

His service number was 8363 and he was posted to the far North Coast country towns of Murwillumbah and Mullumbimby. A few years later he was posted to Hillston, in far western NSW.

Members of the HANNA family knew him by the nickname of “Barlow”.

On the 31st March 1908 he married Jessie TAMLYN in the Mount Hope district of NSW.

William and Jessie had three children. William David Gregory was born in Condobolin during 1909. The second child born was Grace May Dorothy who was born on 16 December 1911 at Hay NSW. The third child Jessie Margaret was born at Urana NSW on the 14th June, 1913.

When John Alfred Carroll HORGAN moved from Jerilderie NSW in the late 1920’s, to take up a job the GPO in Sydney, he boarded with his uncle, William David HANNA, who was a Crown Sergeant by this time, in the NSW police force. He resided at 71 Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery NSW where it was common for relatives to arrive at his home and stay for whatever time they liked.

A family source advised that Uncle Barlow’s relatives and friends would visit on a Saturday and drink beer in the garage.

When transferred to Sydney NSW William David held postings at Darlinghurst, Redfern, Paddington, Randwick and Botany Police Stations as a Crown Sergeant.

Molly HORGAN recalls that when she was completing her nursing certificate during the 1940’s at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst, she would often receive a visit from Crown Sergeant William HANNA, just to see if she was alright and making sure she had everything she needed.

Molly also knew him as Barlow and stated he was a wonderful caring man.

Crown Sergeant William HANNA was professionally acquainted with Sydney’s major underworld figures of the day. He was also a member of the Orange Lodge and Masonic Lodge.

He was sent to the Hunter Valley Region on several occasions for Bush Fire control and Law and Order at times of the infamous Coal Miners Strikes during the 1930’s.

On one occasion he was severely beaten in a brawl and finished up in Hospital. His family could not get near him because of the number of Chinese residents holding a vigil around his bed side. He had an affiliation with the Chinese population and believed they were good citizens.

William David HANNA owned three houses in Sydney; I have located five addresses that he lived at in Sydney: one a flatette above the Lynx Service Station on the corner of Gardeners Road and Tunstall Ave, Kensington, another residence at 155 Botany Road, Botany, “Akaroa” Mount Street, Randwick,

The Sands Directory of 1917 and 1918 recorded his address as Mort Street, Randwick and his final residence at 71 Rosebery Ave, Rosebery.

My sister Valerie recalls that she and our mother visited Uncle Barlow in Sydney. As children my sisters would be threatened with “uncle Barlow”when they misbehaved.

William David HANNA died aged 70 on the 10 December 1953 at his Rosebery NSW residence.

His death certificate states he was a widower, married at the age of 25 to Jessie TAMLYN at Mount Hope NSW. He died of a carcinoma of the stomach, which he suffered with for two years and was under the care of a Doctor John C. RADFORD.

He was cremated on the 11th December 1953 at the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium. The undertaker was T. Moncrief, Reverend J.A Ross, Church of England Minister conducted the service and C. Higgins was a witness to the cremation.

His ashes were taken to Urana NSW and buried with his wife Jessie TAMLYN. His death certificate gives his daughter Jessie HANNA as the informant of his death and also gave 71 Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery as her address.

Career of William David HANNA 1902 – 1944.

Boer War Service 1902

Labourer 1903-1905

Joined the NSW Police Force: 30 March 1905

Promotions NSW Police Force:

Constable 1 April 1906

Constable First Class 13 May 1914

Sergeant 3rd Class 1 October 1926

Sergeant 2nd Class 12 November 1941

Retired From NSW Police Force 10 March 1944

Stations Appointed to:

Murwillumbah, Mullumbimby, Hay (all NSW Country areas) Botany, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Redfern (Sydney Metropolitan Region).

Commissioners Commendation:

Was awarded on the 27 April 1939 for his part in the disastrous bush fires during December, 1938 and January 1939.

Special Award:

For his military service in the Boer War – April 1902 to August 1902.


Retired on the 10th March 1944

From The NSW Police Force.

Awarded the Imperial Service Medal on 11 August, 1944 from the King of England in recognition of the meritorious services rendered.

Appointed as a Justice of The Peace 1946


Died 10 December 1953 at 71 Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery NSW.   

*     *     *     *

Trooper William David HANNA – 22 – 3rd NSW Imperial Bushmen- Boer War 1902

In 1902 William David HANNA then aged 18 enlisted in the Colonial Army to fight against the Boers in South Africa.

William HANNA like so many other young men lied about his age stating he was 20 years old to get into the colonial army. He gave his occupation as “station hand” and was a Trooper in the 3 NSW Imperial Bushmen with the service number of 22.

This contingent of soldiers, arrived in South Africa and when peace was declared, immediately returned to Australia. He was awarded the Queens South Africa Medal, with clasps serving at Belmont, Transvaal, Rhodesia and South Africa, 1902.

Records of The 3rd New South Wales Imperial Bushmen gave the following information:”

In January 1902 a new squadron for the Regiment was formed in Cape Town from Australians already in the country, as was another squadron in February. This brought the strength of the regiment to 500.

About 1,000 men in total are thought to have served in the unit, although it had no more than 600 at any time.

During May 1902 some of the men whose time had expired returned to Australia in the transport Ansonia but many more, and all the officers, volunteered for further service.

200 Victorian Riverina Bushmen, raised by J. S. HORSFALL, reinforced those who stayed. (I believe that his future brother-in-law, John Joseph HORGAN were part of this 200 being from the Riverina Area).

William’s older brother John Alfred HANNA was also serving in South Africa at the time with the 3rd Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (NSW)

The regiment spent the remainder of its time serving with William’s column in west Transvaal, until peace was declared in June 1902.

On 12 July 1902 the regiment sailed from Durban, Natal, for Australia, on board the transport Drayton Grange arriving in Sydney on 11 August”

William David HANNA
Boer War Discharge
William David HANNA
Boer War Record
William David HANNA
Boer War Medal

William David HANNAWilliam David HANNAWilliam David HANNAWilliam David HANNAWilliam David HANNAWilliam David HANNA

William David HANNA
William David and Jessie HANNA taken shortly before Jessie’s death in 1938. They were on their way to a wedding.


William David HANNA
William David HANNA’s backyard garden at 71 Rosebery Ave, Rosebery. Note the air raid bunker that was built during the war years when Sydney was under threat. Photo taken circa early 1950’s.


William David HANNA
A Studio Photo of Constable William David HANNA taken 1n 1907/1908.


William David HANNA
William David HANNA (second from left standing) aged 22. Photo taken in 1906 when he was stationed at Mullumbimby Police Station NSW.


William David HANNA
Sergeant William David HANNA (standing middle row on left) taken at North Rothbury, Hunter Valley NSW during the infamous coal miners strike on the 1930’s.


William David HANNA
Taken during Coal Miners strike during 1930’s Hunter Valley NSW. William David HANNA seated in the middle of the front row.


William David HANNA
Crown Sergeant William HANNA, his daughter-in-law Elva MOORE with baby Gordon in about 1944


William David HANNA
This is William David HANNA during 1947. He is holding his newly born grandaughter Yvonne, the daughter of Grace (nee HANNA) and Douglas BRENNAN.


William David HANNA
This is the letter advising William David HANNA that he had been awarded the Imperial Service Medal.


William David HANNA
These are the medals awarded to William David HANNA. His 1902 Boer War service medal on the left and his Imperial Service Medal on the right.

William David HANNA
Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), Friday 11 December 1953, page 20HANNA, William David.-December 10. 1953, at his residence, 71 Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery ( late of N.S.W. Police Dept.).Relict of the late Jessie Hanna, beloved father of David, Grace ( Mrs. D. Brennan ) and Marie, and dear uncle of Neville Tamlyn, aged 70 years.At rest.11 Dec 1953 – Family Notices – Trove

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