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Charles Walter BRAYNE


Charles Walter  BRAYNE

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. # ?

Inspector – Retired around 1907

Stations:  Penrith ( 1880’s), Shoalhaven District ( Nowra – O.I.C. 1885 ),

Kiama ( 1899 ) then Braidwood

Awards:  ?

Service:  From  1873 to  1907

Born:  1846? – 1847?, Brighton, England

Died  22 December 1922 @ Braidwood

Age:  75

Cause: ?

Funeral date:  Sunday  24 December 1922 @ Braidwood

Funeral location: Braidwood Cemetery

Grave location:  Church of England section


[alert_yellow]C.W. is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_yellow]


Brother to Sergeant George BRAYNE – deceased 5 November 1906, aged 56

Brother to Constable William Henry BRAYNE – deceased 8 August 1940, aged 66



The following notifications appear in yesterday’s Gazette –

APPOINTMENTSSergeant Charles W. Brayne as an inspector of magazines under the 34th section of the Gun-powder and explosive Consolidation Act of 1876 (40 Victoria No 1), for the purpose of laying complaints and taking legal proceedings as prescribed in the 58th section of such Act.

The Sydney Morning Herald       Saturday  5 July 1884       page 8 of 20



The great Kiama fire

IN THE early hours of Sunday morning, October 1, 1899 a fire broke out that was to be the most extensive and destructive one that had ever visited the township of Kiama. It would also change the face of Terralong Street forever.

The fire started in the Wood Brothers general store and within minutes the place was ablaze. With the help of a strong southerly breeze, the fire spread to adjoining buildings and according to William H Bayley, author of Bluehaven: History of Kiama Municipality, “half the block of shops fronting Terralong Street from Collins Street towards Shoalhaven Street caught fire at 2am and was destroyed soon after dawn.”

The Sydney Morning Herald dated Monday, October, 2 1899, reported: “By the time the local police and many others were on the spot, and under the direction of Senior-Sergeant Brayne, Alderman Hindmarsh and others, many willing hands made great efforts to prevent the flames catching the Royal Hotel. In spite of their efforts the hotel soon ignited.

“This building being in part lath and plaster outside blocked the advance of the fire for a time: but ultimately the fire got hold of the place, and being a two-storey wooden structure it soon became a burning maze belching out tongues of fire against the adjoining building.”

Unfortunately there was no fire fighting equipment in Kiama at the time – hoses and tank water being the best on offer – so extinguishing the blaze became a huge problem. There are conflicting reports about how the fire was eventually stopped. No lives were lost but 12 families were left homeless, and 16 shops and the hotel were destroyed.

The total cost of the damage was estimated at between £5000 and £6000.






New South Wales Police Gazette – 1906   page 4

Brayne, Charles W., Sub-Inspector 2nd class, to be Sub-Inspector 1st class, 351  ( I ‘think’ 351 ‘might’ relate to a page number ?? )



Nepean Times ( Penrith )                   Saturday  30 December 1922                            page 1 of 6


Mr. C. W. Brayne.

Mr. Charles Walter Brayne, who died at Braidwood on December 22 in his 75th year, was for many years in the Police Force, from which he retired some 15 years ago. As a young man he saw some of the stirring life of the goldfields days in the southern district,   and had good knowledge of the bushranging exploits which culminated in the execution in Sydney in 1867 of Tommy and Johnny Clarke. Joining the police in 1873, Mr. Brayne gained rapid promotion. He was stationed at Penrith as a trooper over 40 years ago, and was given charge of the Shoalhaven district in 1885, and remained at Nowra many years, being transferred to Kiama, and later to Braidwood as inspector. His wife pre-deceased him by some 15 years, and a daughter ( Mrs. A. E. Prott, of Nowra ) in July last, from which time he appeared to have broken down in health. The late Mr. Brayne leaves to(sic) daughters and one son, viz., Mrs. A. C. Upton (Penrith), Mrs. A. Coleman ( Condoblin ), and Mr. Charles Brayne ( Darlinghurst ).

Mrs. Upton spent the last week with her father. The funeral took place on Sunday and was headed by members of the Police Force. w. brayne&searchLimits=#pstart10735592



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