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Constable Frederick George MARTIN


Constable Frederick George MARTIN

Motor Vehicle Accident

South Belmont

26 November, 1953


On the evening of the 26 November, 1953 Constables Martin and Bacon were returning to the Belmont Police Station after attending the Newcastle Court. Constable Bacon was driving his private car and Constable Martin was asleep in the front passenger seat. On the Pacific Highway at South Belmont the vehicle skidded, left the road and overturned. As a result both were taken to the Royal Newcastle Hospital however Constable Martin had sustained severe head injuries and died later that night.


The constable was born in 1921 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 16 April, 1950. At the time of his death he was stationed at Burwood.



National Police Remembrance Day ceremony in Lake Macquarie

Frederick George MARTIN


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