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Norman McBEATH


Norman McBEATH

late of Bouro St, Mudgee

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. # ?

Rank:  Constable

Stations?, Mudgee Police Station Lockup Keeper in 1861

Service:  From  to  ?


Born? ? c1802.  Born and married in Scotland

Arrived in Australia:  Aboard a convict ship in 1834.

Previous employment:  Soldier in the 50th Regiment Afoot

Died on? ? 1908 in Mudgee



Funeral date?

Funeral location?

Buried at?

 [alert_red]? is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_red]  * BUT SHOULD BE

[alert_yellow]? is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_yellow]  *NEED MORE INFO

[alert_green]? IS mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_green ]

[alert_blue]? is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_blue] * NOT JOB RELATED


 Funeral location:



You have provided a bit more info than I currently have about Henry Chadban, who is my first cousin twice removed!

I have some others in my genealogy who were also reported to be NSW Policemen, though my quick search of your site did not bring them up. I’m wondering if you have come across them?

GALLARD, Alfred – b 1870 – thought to have been in the Police in Broken Hill
McBEATH, Norman – b c1802 – thought to have been in the Police in Mudgee abt 1881
MILLER, Harry Frank Turnbull – b1881 – thought to have been in the Police in Sydney after his stint in the Boer War
I would love to know if you have anything on these men!
Thank you, once again!

Megan Tilley

18 August 2015



According to the death certificate for this person, he is recorded as being a “Police pensioner”.



McBeath, in various items, comes up with different spelling:  McBeth, MacBeth McBeath but Norman was born and married in Scotland and arrived in Australia aboard a convict ship in 1834.  He was a soldier in the 50th Regiment Afoot.  He resigned from the army and joined the Police and was the Mudgee Lockup Keeper in 1861.  He died in Mudgee in 1908.



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