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“Subjects are written for the needs of the students foremost”

The Diploma of Policing Practice is designed to meet the educational needs of people seeking a career in the NSW Police. Courses are designed to provide an optimum combination of hands-on practice and theory and ideas to improve that

practice. The Diploma is offered under an agreement between CSU and the NSW Police to provide recruit education and focuses on the foundation studies and applied skills necessary for the modern policing profession.

The Diploma of Policing Practice is generally studied over two years depending on the study pathway chosen.

There are five pathways available for entry into the Diploma of Policing Practice:

  • on-campus undergraduate – For intakes into the DPP in May and September 2002 ONLY, Session 1 will be conducted at the NSW Police College, Richmond. Session 2 of the course will be conducted at the NSW Police College, Goulburn (course code KAPP).
  • undergraduate by Distance Education – combines two sessions of home-based study with one 14-week session at the NSW Police College in Goulburn (course code EADP);
  • graduate – requires prior completion of an undergraduate degree or equivalent and involves attendance on campus at the NSW Police College in Goulburn for one 14-week session, preceded by an 80-hour police placement
  • CSU’s Bachelor of Justice Studies (Policing) – leads into the graduate entry pathway;
  • the Enabling Program – caters for applicants who do not meet the academic criteria necessary for entry to the Diploma or who are unsure of their academic capabilities. Successful completion of this Program satisfies CSU’s Academic Eligibility requirements to enter the undergraduate course.

Course structure

The DIPLOMA is studied in two COMPONENTS:

1st COMPONENT: CSU Student: Sessions 1 & 2

Session 1 can be studied full time on campus or by distance education

Session 2 is studied full-time at the NSW Police College in Goulburn

2nd COMPONENT: CSU Student and Probationary Constable NSW Police: Sessions 3, 4 & 5

Distance Education (DE) study while employed full-time with the NSW Police.

Undergraduate full time course structure

Undergraduate distance education course structure

Graduate course structure


  • All sessions (other than on-campus Session 1 which is 13 weeks) are 14 weeks in duration, with a three-week break between sessions.
  • During the first component, students will receive an application for employment with the NSW Police – employment is not guaranteed. Apart from the successful completion of their studies, students must also satisfy other employment criteria established by the NSW Police.

During the second component, Sessions 3, 4 and 5 are completed by Distance Education while working full-time as a Probationary Constable with the NSW Police.

NSW Police College, Goulburn

The Police College has a simulated courtroom, police station and scenario village, with an advanced driver training facility located close to the campus. The complex serves most of the education and training needs of the NSW Police – from initial recruitment to senior executive level.

The objective of the course is to give students an understanding of the why’s of policing, not just the how to. The course is fully accredited and can be used to obtain an advanced standing or credit in other relevant courses.

Enabling Program

Charles Sturt University also offers an enabling program which will assist you to develop your knowledge and skills in the areas of academic understanding and learning, and effective reading, writing and communication that are required for success in tertiary study. Find out more about the enabling program.

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