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Kevin Patrick VERDON


Kevin Patrick VERDON 

aka  The Man from The Rock

aka  Verdo

Joined NSW Police Force via NSW Police Cadet system

New South Wales Police Force

Cadet # 2048

Regd. #   12729

Rank: NSW Police Cadet – commenced 16 August 1965

Probationary Constable – appointed 29 August 1967

Senior Constable – appointed 29 August 1976

Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed 31 March 1983

by June 1989 he had Passed his qualifying exam for Senior Sergeant

Senior Sergeant – retired

Stations?, Darlinghurst,  Deniliquin ( 1970’s – 1980’s ), Wollongong, ( K District ), ( 34 Division ) Fairfield, Campbelltown G.D’s ( 35 Division – 1983 )

ServiceFrom  16 August 1965  to  31 August 2003 = 38 years Service

AwardsNational Medal – granted 9 August 1983

1st Clasp to National Medal – granted 16 September 1993

Born:  29 August 1948

Died on:  Friday  16 September 2016 around 2pm – Calgary Hospital, Wagga Wagga


Age:  68

Funeral date:  Saturday  24 September 2016 @ 10am

Funeral location:  St Marys Catholic Church,  102 Urana St, The Rock, NSW

Buried at?

 Memorial at?



27 March 2015




NSW Australian National Football League, Football Record, 22 April 1967 P 3
NSW Australian National Football League, Football Record, 22 April 1967  P 3


KEVIN is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO


 Funeral location



May you forever Rest In Peace Verdo.


Verdo suffered from a fall and was taken to Hospital around the 14 September 2016.

Kevin, around early October 2015, had been suffering from complete renal failure and had lost most of his eye sight.

As of 21 August 2015 he had spent 3 weeks in Westmead hospital after heart surgery and the inserting of a cannula to drain excess fluid.

In May 2015 Verdo was in Calvary Hospital, Wagga Wagga after renal failure.

Ian Borland Rest in Peace Kevin.
I had the pleasure to do several courses with Kevin. A great bloke in every way. He will be sadly missed.
6 · September 16 at 3:42pm
Kris Dundee RIP frend.
2 · September 16 at 3:47pm
Elliot Moore May he rest in peace. Thank you for sharing.
2 · September 16 at 3:54pm
Steve Rose RIP Verdo. Great bloke, great sense of humour, great boss. I had the pleasure of spending a little time with him a few months ago. So glad I did.
3 · September 16 at 3:56pm
Julie Turton Rest in Peace, Verdo. A great man with a big heart, loved by so many. We’ll be having a toast to you before tonight’s game & I think there will be plenty of others on here joining us. Thanks for keeping us updated, Steve & Peter. He was blessed with many fine friends. Condolences to Verdo’s family.
 7 · September 16 at 3:56pm
Richard Hurst Rest in Peace big fella.
3 · September 16 at 4:01pm
Brett Larkin RIP Verdo. It was a pleasure to work with you in K District.
3 · September 16 at 4:17pm
Ted Collins Rest in peace big kevin. Great man, mentor, funny as. Great policeman and he was always good for advice.
4 · September 16 at 4:19pm
Dee Cee RIP Kevin.
2 · September 16 at 4:21pm
Geoff Wolsey R.I.P Verdo.
2 · September 16 at 4:26pm
Geoff Wolsey Peter Gould, will you keep us posted re funeral, I live quite local to the Rock.
2 · September 16 at 4:28pm
Peter Gould Definitely Geoff.
September 17 at 7:43am
Barry Parrish Sincerest condolences to the Verdon family
2 · September 16 at 4:30pm
Barry Parrish Sincerest condolences to the Verdon family. RIP Verdo a legend of the Job and outside the job. One of the best.
3 · September 16 at 4:31pm
Ted Collins Peter Gould i have private appt Can someone try and find on video cathedral pipes and drums. Kevin would be happy to hear them, i know he can..
4 · September 16 at 4:33pm

Peter Gould

Highland Cathedral(Dunblane)…
1 · September 17 at 7:46am
Guy Paterson Condolences to his family and friends ?
2 · September 16 at 4:40pm
Frank Skinner A great loss to the blue family he will be sadly missed RiP
4 · September 16 at 4:52pm
Peter Cameron RIP. Never had the pleasure to meet you but if this crowd say you were a top bloke, that’s good enough for me.
7 · September 16 at 5:04pm · Edited
Wade Kill Sad news! RIP Verdo!
3 · September 16 at 5:18pm
Greg Wilson RIP….
2 · September 16 at 5:32pm
John Clark RIP….
2 · September 16 at 5:54pm
Paul Quilter Daley RIP Verdo. No torment where you’re heading.
5 · September 16 at 6:32pm
Dellb Shay Best bloke on paper. Ripped the shit out of you one day forgotten the next. An absolute stand out. A great role model always had your back. A really sad day. RIP KPV there will never be another like you so glad I had the privilege of working with you xxx
8 · September 16 at 9:46pm
David N Sue McKay So true
1 · September 16 at 11:31pm


Warren Davis R.I.P big kev. A great man gone. Sad news indeed.
4 · September 16 at 9:48pm
Peter Blinman RIP Verdo.
September 16 at 10:08pm
Phil Matthews RIP Kevin Verdon. Condolences to the family and God bless !! Another good man gone but not forgotten.
4 · September 16 at 11:12pm
Belinda Thompson May God rest your soul Verdo, you’ve sure as shit earned it….. a true legend of the old 34 div. The scariest & BEST cop I met straight out of the Academy. The lessons I learned & the jobs I attended with you will forever be burned into my memories. Thanks for everything u did for us all. I’m sure anyone who worked with u will attest to be being better police because of the experience. RIP u big lug…. you’ll be missed by many.
9 · September 17 at 7:16am
Dellb Shay Perfectly said Bin. He will never know the impact he had on so many peoples policing careers. Forever grateful he was a huge part of ours. Us 224 girls were so lucky. xxx
4 · September 17 at 7:34am · Edited
John Mennie RIP Verdo
September 17 at 8:10am
Kevin Ryan Rip mate
2 · September 17 at 11:15am
Peter Sliwinski What a great bloke. One in a million. One minute he was tearing you a new asshole, next minute you were downing beers after work having a laugh. I feel genuinely honored to have known and worked with him. RIP Verdo.
7 · September 17 at 1:05pm
Belinda Thompson Well said….
2 · September 17 at 1:51pm
Christopher Busch Same as Peter Cameron. Well said.
3 · September 17 at 2:30pm
Craig William Smith I must’ve been yhe only one not to cop a serve off the Big Fella???
5 · September 17 at 3:22pm
Dellb Shay You have got to be kidding it was a daily occurrence for you!!
4 · September 17 at 3:58pm
Craig William Smith I just thought that was his normal demeanor
4 · September 17 at 4:38pm
Dellb Shay you made him that way!!
2 · September 17 at 6:28pm
Ki Lee Ann RIP Verdo, you gave the meaning to ‘police presence’ both in & out of the stn.
3 · September 17 at 4:38pm
Peter Gould Greg Callander
1 · September 17 at 10:37pm
Greg Callander Thanks mate. Unfortunately I won’t have time to do anything with this memorial page tonight. I will have to do something tomorrow night if I get the time. I will start something on the website though – but won’t Publish it. You can fill in the blanks if you get the time.
1 · September 17 at 10:43pm
Peter Gould Thanks Greg


Don Hamilton Everyone above has conveyed my wishes. May he Rest in Peace.
2 · September 17 at 10:58pm
John King Our sincere condolences to the family, friends & police family. Verdo will always be remembered. RIP Verdo.
2 · September 17 at 11:22pm
Ted Collins  I can honestly say i nevef had an argument with kevin. By gee he was a top teacher, learnt heaps from him.
2 · September 17 at 11:26pm
Ex NSW Cops

Murder at the Rock – Arrests made

Two people were arrested on Sunday morning following the death of 76-year-old Rodney Willis at his home in The Rock last Wednesday.

Police arrested the pair at a Railway Street address in The Rock.

The arrests came only two days after the completion of the forensic examination of Mr Willis’ home and after interviewing friends and neighbours of the elderly man.

The 23 year old woman and 25 year old man were taken into custody at Wagga Police Station and both charged with murder.

The man was also charged for an outstanding warrant for an unrelated offence.

The pair has been refused bail and are due to appear at Wagga Local Court today (Wednesday April 23).

Police were called to Mr Willis’ home on Scott Street, The Rock at 11.30am April 16, following reports a man was in cardiac arrest.

CPR was performed for 45 minutes by ambulance and police but they pronounced him dead at the scene just after noon.

Police treated the death as suspicious from the beginning having spent the afternoon interviewing family and nearby residents.

Mr Willis’ body was sent to Sydney for a post-mortem examination.

Residents of The Rock and surrounds have been shaken by the murder of 76-year-old local Rodney Willis.

Members of The Rock community groups, friends and neighbours remembered Mr Willis as a man who was clever, private and good-humoured.

On Wednesday he was found in cardiac arrest but emergency crews were unable to revive him after performing CPR for 45 minutes.

Mr Willis was a foundation member of The Rock and District Men’s Shed, a church organist, volunteer with Meals on Wheels, and an active member of the Emily Centre Friendship Group.

Kevin Verdon, friend to Mr Willis and The Rock and District Men’s Shed secretary described   Mr Willis as “gentle and an avid reader”.

“He was a gentle man – his first love was gardening, he used to write poetry and he was an avid reader who loved the old movies,” he said.

A memorial will be held today (Wednesday April 23) at The Rock and District Men’s Shed starting just after midday.

Mr Willis was unmarried and his passions included poetry, photography and gardening.

Isabel Seberry volunteered alongside Mr Willis at Meals on Wheels and described the elderly man as sweet and reliable.

“We’ll miss him terribly,” Ms Seberry said.

“He was at the Emily Centre on Tuesday night, and regularly comes here twice a week to visit and chat.”



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