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“More than just a job”
Once you have met the NSW Police Force’s professional suitability requirements you can then study the Associate Degree in Policing Practice.It’s worth the effort – after around 34 weeks of full-time study at the Goulburn College you could be eligible for employment as a Probationary Constable with a starting salary of $53,000 pa (2009) You then study the second component of the Associate Degree by distance education, while working full-time. Upon successful completion of the program, you will become eligible for confirmation as a NSW Police Constable.

Once you have gained employment as a NSW Police Constable you will join a progressive Police Force, holding a position that is both a privilege and a responsibility. Police are exceptional people because they need to be able to think quickly, communicate effectively and display initiative and judgment. In the course of their duties, they are frequently confronted with situations that require maturity, compassion, social awareness and strength of character.

Various career opportunities exist including water policing, highway patrol, community policing, investigations, intelligence, education, specialist and technical operations and leadership & management. Entry to all the specialist fields is competitive, so give yourself the best chance you can, with a qualification through CSU.

Generally, for at least the first three years you perform general operational duties and will deal with a range of incidents, such as domestic violence, motor vehicle collisions and crowd control.

You can then continue to develop your expertise in the operational stream or pursue investigation, intelligence, education and development, legal or one of the many other career path opportunities available within NSW Police Force.

Entry to all the specialist fields is competitive, but CSU can help you all the way by offering the opportunity for further study – the Associate Degree in Policing Practice is your first step in a career that makes a difference!


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